Televideo 990/995 DEC keyboard


This keyboard was manufactured by NMB in the early ’90s for Televideo terminals. This particular board was made for the Televideo 99X series of terminals. This layout is known as DEC layout, named after Digital Equipment Corporation and uses a different protocol to communicate with the Terminals.


I was lucky enough to get into the largest vintage computer keyboard group-buy in history. Inoznez, used his parent’s farm to store the boards and slowly shipped them out all over the world.

Initially, I wasn’t aware of this, but I got an entry when another buyer had to drop out of the deal for some reason. I got 10 boards for myself and helped proxy some more for the local keyboard enthusiasts.

My NMB keyboard haul

There were many layouts, such as German, Swedish, Spanish, etc and I got one from each. This board is the one with a Swedish layout.

These boards are NOS(New Old Stock) which means they have never been used and are from old production. I haven’t removed the plastic cover from the coiled cable yet. :)

Televideo 99X DEC with plastic cover

Build and Features

The case is made of ABS and will yellow over time; However, these boards are NOS, and these haven’t been yellowed yet.

Televideo 99X DEC keyboard

It uses 5th generation NMB Hi-Tek switches, colloquially known as space invader switches 👾 . This board has two-eyed linear ones, and they feel pretty smooth and have a thockier sound. Even though I usually don’t like linear switches, It is an absolute joy typing on them.

Televideo 99X DEC switches and keycaps

The keycaps are thick PBT keycaps with dye-sublimated legends. The keycaps have their respective rows written on the internals.

Televideo 99X DEC PBT keycaps

It has two screws and “8” clips on the back that keep the board together. I was too afraid to break a clip, so I didn’t open it. There wasn’t any Televideo or NMB branding anywhere on the case.

Televideo 99X DEC back (unbranded)


Since this is a NOS board, it didn’t require any restoration. However, I need make a converter for it. Thanks to the genious of Purdea Andrei , TMK now supports the Televideo 990/995 space invader boards.