Monterey K104


This keyboard was manufactured by Monterey in the ’90s. This model came with varieties of switches, including the Alps SKCM white and blue, SMK alps mounts, and “ Type OA2”. This particular board has Alps SKCM whites. This board is a Plantron branded keyboard, and the sticker on the back says that Plantron manufactured it. I couldn’t find more details about this particular company. As per another back sticker, this board was manufactured in April 1992.

Monterey K104 back

Build and Features

The case is made of ABS, and the keycaps are lasered(likely) thin ABS caps.

Monterey K104 without case

There is a grill on the top case, and it’s a distinguishable feature for Monterey K104 series keyboards. On the back, 8 screws keep the chassis together, and it’s very straightforward to open it up. There is also a button to switch between AT, XT, and ST protocols.

Monterey K104 AT/XT/ST protocol switch


The case was quite yellowed when I got it. I washed the top case with soapy water and then retrobrighted the case with H2O2. Surprisingly the keycaps aren’t yellowed as much. I have plans to waxboil the alps switches, but for now, they seem fine.