Data General/Acer 6312-k


This keyboard was made by Acer and it uses Acer’s patented switch-over-membrane design. Acer had produced various models in this series, and this particular model is for Data general.

Acer 6312-k back PCB

Build and Features

I have acquired this New old stock keyboard from eBay for a very reasonable price. The keyboard isn’t too heavy despite its large footprint. However, the board is built very well and doesn’t creak, unlike other cheap boards.

Acer 6312-k without top case

I am not sure what the keycaps are made of, probably PBT, but the legends are sharp and beautiful. These legends are created using an unidentified method, which was previously misidentified as being dye sublimated. The keycaps are alps compatible and have a chalky matte finish. This particular board has a Spanish layout.

The switches feel very crispy and nice to type on. They don’t sound too loud unlike blue and white alps, rather a bit muted.

The keyboard membrane is supported by a thick steel plate screwed to the switch plate.

Acer 6312-k back plate

The switches are contact based, and they sit on a membrane. Upon pressing the switch, the hammer contacts the membrane, and it actuates.

Acer 6312-k membrane

Upon removing the membrane, we could see the switches fitted to the switch plate.

Acer 6312-k membrane


At the time of writing, this board is one the favourites in my collection. I love the switch-travel, the case acoustics, quality keycaps and those huge bezels.